Aquicuana is a nature reserve in the Amazon rainforest in the very north of Bolivia. Offcially defined as protected area in 2016, the reserve has a relatively short history and little had been done so far to make the region known outside of the district. Plenty of strange plants and wild animals live here like parrots, tucans, monkeys, jaguars and capybaras. The reserve also hosts two small communities of native people who take care of the forest.

As in many Amazonian regions, economic opportunities beyond illegal logging and mining are almost non-existent – one of the common threats in the contect of rainforest protection. A conservation strategy therefore must include the creation of sustainable living conditions for the inhabitants of the reserve.

In a 4-week visit in the reserve I worked with Sustainable Bolivia and their volunteers on the development of an eco-tourism strategy for Aquicuana, which would involve the local communities as service providers. (Since my laptop didn’t survive the humidity, only a small amount of digital work could be done and we had to rely on analogue working methods.)

After analysing the travel market in South America and segmenting relevant target groups, we defined service modules (e.g. bird watching, hiking, shing, plant medicine retreats) and arranged them in a customer journey to spot logistical challenges. Based on the input of locals, we defined a pricing scheme and a business model considering all stakeholders. Finally, we created marketing materials and I designed a brand identity for the reserve.

Organisation: Sustainable Bolivia
Role: Service Designer
Year: 2019