In order to provide personality assessment solutions for different target groups and use cases, MassineScheffer maintains a complex technical infrastructure including personality tests, data bases and a project configuration tool, which was used to set up large-scale personality assessment campaigns.

This configurator had to be completely overhauled, because it suffered from such a poor usability that the psychologists literally hated working with it. It made them slower than nessecary, created a bad mood among the team and the projects were highly error-prone.

In about 10 consulting sessions I supported the product owner in developing a new version of the project management tool. After sketching some UX solutions together, she translated them into an Axure prototype. Then we discussed and reviewed the result. In regular usability tests we gathered feedback from the people who would use the tool later, and adjusted it to their needs.

While validating and improving the concept, I tought the product owner some basics of interaction design and coached her in running usability tests. As a final step, I designed basic UI elements for the tool and defined them in a styleguide.

Company: MassineScheffer
Role: UX/UI Designer
Year: 2014