When I was working at the Service Innovation Labs in winter 2013, a developer colleague of mine and I came up with the idea of a digital scavenger hunt that we wanted to run as part of the christmas party. It was supposed to use a lot of geeky hardware technologies which were new at that time, so that we could try them out and learn about using them.

We had only one week to come up with a storyline, a design and an iOS app – next to our busy normal project, which was about to approach a big deadline. And of course, we had to make sure that nobody in the company finds out what we both were preparing.

We created a plot in which the company would split into three teams. Each team had to complete a set of challenges with the app while the teams played against each other.

We sent them on a treasure hunt guided by iBeacons, let them invent a new service that they had to prototype in a comic-style photo story, made them do a workout to unlock the next level by measuring their pulse with a heart rate sensor, and made them recite a christmas poem against a countdown to unlock the address of our x-mas party location.

Though it was a tough challenge for ourselves to build the game in such a short time, it was a great excercise to experiment with new technologies like iBeacons or sensors. The photo comics where presented at the party as a final ceremony.

Company: Service Innovation Labs
Role: UX/UI Designer
Year: 2013