When I joined iversity in summer 2014 as the first UX person, the company already had eight very successful months of operations and growth behind them. In October 2013 iversity had launched as the first European MOOC platform with handpicked courses form various European universities and the media were raving about it. Their challenge at that time was to improve their learner success rates and get more university lecturers excited about online education.

The rapid company transformation came along with a lot of new challenges for the team. Adjusting the vision and alining towards it was one of them. Improving collaboration across departments and making users a stronger stakeholder in decision making was another thing.

In order to tackle these issues, I ran a half-day customer journey workshop with the whole company as part of a strategy weekend. More than twenty people from different departments (technology, course development, business development etc.) stepped into the shoes of different user types and mapped their experience with the iversity platform.

My main objective was to raise empathy for different user groups and align people to see the same problems, but the impact went far beyond that: For the first time, some people noticed the complexity that some departments were facing in their daily work, which lead to an increased empathy within the company in general. Others realised that iversity’s business model involved a group of users they hadn‘t even noticed before as relevant for the business and thus for the experience.

The workshop sparked a conversation across departments in which users became a stronger stakeholder. Moreover, the team was introduced to journey mapping and some colleagues adopted the method for their own work. In the upcoming months I supported the course development team in several projects in which journey maps became their method of choice for analysing processes and experience flows.

Company: iversity.org
Role: UX Designer
Year: 2014