MassineScheffer provides personality assessment to B2B clients from various industries. Their product department develops digital services related to their core product, the personality tests. I joined them for a couple of weeks to act as a sparring partner for their product owners.

One project I supported was a SaaS recruiting platform, that would use personality assessments to match applicants with job requirements. In a few days I brought this project from rough idea to a highly interactive prototype that could serve for testing.

At the beginning, I supported the product owner in refining roadmap, platform requirements and main user ows to make the development more feasible.

In order to give the product an experience USP, we developed a new data vizualisation approach for the personality profiles that would allow recruiters to compare complex profiles intuitively within seconds. We validated our approach in a quantitative survey and proved that the new visualisation performed significantly better in time, accuracy and joy of use than the traditional version.

Finally, I built a high-fidelity prototype with rich micro-interactions that was ready to be tested in an interactive product simulation. Before I left, I prepared the user test, ran a pre-test and instructed the product owner how to proceed, so he could conti- nue validating our approach on his own.

Company: MassineScheffer
Role: UX Design Consultant
Year: 2014