DataGuard is a legal technology company based in Munich. They provide external Data Privacy Officers to small and medium sized companies and help them comply with European data privacy regulations (GDPR) through the support of technology and process automation.

Founded in early 2018, a couple of months before the GDPR became effective, the company recorded quick and significant growth and had to streamline their service offerings according to their promises very rapidly. I joined them as a service and learning experience designer to support the founders in optimising the customer experience.

From legal obligation to human right

Data privacy is usually an annoying topic for companies and a lot of complex information had to be delivered to the customers of DataGuard to start the GDPR implementation. We reframed the topic from being only a legal obligation to emphasizing privacy as a human right, and took the customer by the hand to make this difficult process as pleasant as possible.

Based on the comany‘s brand values, we developed an experience framework defining design principles that would inform the design of all touchpoints and set the tonality for building and maintaining the the customer relationship.

Analysing the Customer Journey

Together with the legal consulting team, we analysed the existing customer experience. As a first measure, we simplified the process wherever possible. Afterwards, we developed plenty of analogue and digital information touchpoints to help the customer find their way through GDPR implementation in a fun and lightweight way.

Mobile Learning Game on Data Privacy

One result was a mobile learning game on data privacy, that I developed together with a technologist and a legal team. In a Tinder-style way users can swipe through questions on data privacy and learn about their own privacy rights that the GDPR grants them. Instead of making users learn a bunch of rules, we wanted them to see the opportunities of the GDPR by understanding the impact for themselves as a human being.

GDPR Binder

Another important touchpoint was a binder with easily digestible instructions on every single aspect of the GDPR implementation and maintanance within a company. The binder would be delivered to the customer upon contract signing and stay with them all along the service relationship. All information was conveyed in a very visual, friendly and partly humoristic way taking the heaviness out of the topic without making it lose its seriousness.

I lead the binder project on all aspects: From first concept to content development together with legal experts, to design and production preparation.

Company: DataGuard GmbH
Role: Service Designer, Experience Designer
Year: 2018