HelloBetter offers scientifically proven psychotherapy interventions online. Based on effective methods from cognitive-behavioral therapy, it provides professional mental health treatment to people who wouldn’t normaly have access to it and thereby helps them find their own way to a better life.

The company started out as a university spin-off laying the scientific foundation for their online interventions and later transitioned to becoming a full-fledged technology startup providing them the opportunity to rethink their way people interact with the trainings and build a unique new brand.

I supported them during this transition on different levels helping to shape their product and brand HelloBetter.

The Brand HelloBetter

When bringing psychotherapy online, the design of brand and experience is challenging. Psychotherapy in the classical setting creates a highly personal relationship between therapist and patient. Despite all the sciense that it is based on, for the patient it is the human touch that lays the foundation for a personal transformation.

Starting with a naming process, we found HelloBetter to express what the product is all about: welcoming positive change and celebrating the small steps.

On the visual side, we wanted to put the experience of feeling protected and welcome into the center of the brand. Soft and warm colors should go along with imagery that people can relate to.

Based on this objective, I created a visual language for HelloBetter that is based on illustrations expressing all forms of human emotions and emotional situations patients usually find themselves in. Instead of displaying super successful achievers as in many self-improvement apps, the HelloBetter imagery is all about vulnerability, imperfection and human diversity.

Product experience

Alongside the branding process, I worked with the science team on the interactions as well as the instructional design of one example training to improve the experience while keeping the science-based core untouched. We crafted a story arc for the training and broke it down into weekly „workloads“ consisting of content to be delivered through text and video as well as activities to be completed throughout the week.

Also, we defined a visual language and narrative styles for videos that were later brought to life with a video production team. We aimed for a video narration that was well digestable also for patients with severe mental problems, which had to be taken into account in the use of animations, narrative speed and “brain-friendly” content preparation.

Company: HelloBetter.de / GET.ON Institut für Gesundheitstrainings
Role: UX Designer, Brand Designer, Illustrator
Year: 2019/2020